My Favorite thing from such an early age was looking back at fun times through pictures.

Living in Florida away from family it was so important to document memories from that time.

Throughout my life my mother always made it a point to take hundreds of pictures at every event or activities we participated in.

It wasn’t until I got older and fell in love that I truly understood the impact that photos have…

At 25 I experienced true love with a girl that had a terminal illness. Not knowing how fine the line between life and death, I would later understand. Thankfully, I took TONS of pictures because it was truly my first love & every moment was so full of excitement. It is because of photography that I have everlasting memories of such an amazing time of my life with such an incredible person.

Thats what I hope to capture for you… Love & Life!


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Im a Wedding Photographer who is obsessed with to trying new things and photographing real moments for couples who desire timeless & unique photographs. I see pictures as moments that are frozen in time that are precious memories that will last a lifetime.

I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me.
— Gerardo Suter